“Dorman” to perform at WestCare on November 11th

Dorman will be performing at WestCare’s Women and Children’s Campus on Friday, November 11th!!

This event will also be Matt’s birthday celebration, with cake, and more!

This is a private event, but we¬†are sure our friends and fans will be there in spirit, for the women and children at Westcare’s health, safety, and recovery.

Author: Matt Dorman

Matt Dorman is a performing BMI songwriter. Matt has written over 400 songs. Matt has had songs on 17 artist CD releases. Matt has had 8 songs charted on radio, world-wide. Matt has had a title cut ("Country Nights"), A movie cut, ("Fear On Fear" in the movie "Little Glory" starring Cameron Bright-"Butterfly Effect" and Hannah Murray-"Game Of Thrones"), a number one song for 6 weeks ("Dreams"-performed by Cheryl K Warner). Matt has performed for WestCare's Women and Children's Campus for over 18 years.

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