Matt’s songs published, and CD news


Hi everyone!

In advance of my CD release, I’ll very soon be announcing a multi-song publishing contract with RDSD/BMI, owned by the awesome Sherri Mullen

One song is co-written with Denny Mishler, “If You Knew God (Like I Know God)”.

RDSD has a few of my songs under publishing currently, including “Granny’s Got A Tramp Stamp” (released in 2015), “Fear On Fear” (my first movie cut), and more. I’m excited to sign more songs with a publisher that works hard for me, believes in me and my songs,and produces cuts.

My CD is still untitled, and the release date keeps getting pushed back. I will also possibly have a HUGE announcement about the recording of my CD. I’m waiting for confirmation, but this is big. 

many blessings, happy Sunday!

Matt Dorman