“Dorman” is in the studio!

Currently, “Dorman” is in the studio, working hard on their songs!

“Dorman” has an upcoming show, TBD but most likely early Sept, at a private event, for DOSH Contracting, and Plus Studios, for their grand opening, in Henderson.

We will be releasing our first single in September, which, so far, is “The Measure Of A Man”.

Author: Matt Dorman

Matt Dorman is a performing BMI songwriter. Matt has written over 400 songs. Matt has had songs on 17 artist CD releases. Matt has had 8 songs charted on radio, world-wide. Matt has had a title cut ("Country Nights"), A movie cut, ("Fear On Fear" in the movie "Little Glory" starring Cameron Bright-"Butterfly Effect" and Hannah Murray-"Game Of Thrones"), a number one song for 6 weeks ("Dreams"-performed by Cheryl K Warner). Matt has performed for WestCare's Women and Children's Campus for over 18 years.

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