Matt’s songs published, and CD news


Hi everyone!

In advance of my CD release, I’ll very soon be announcing a multi-song publishing contract with RDSD/BMI, owned by the awesome Sherri Mullen

One song is co-written with Denny Mishler, “If You Knew God (Like I Know God)”.

RDSD has a few of my songs under publishing currently, including “Granny’s Got A Tramp Stamp” (released in 2015), “Fear On Fear” (my first movie cut), and more. I’m excited to sign more songs with a publisher that works hard for me, believes in me and my songs,and produces cuts.

My CD is still untitled, and the release date keeps getting pushed back. I will also possibly have a HUGE announcement about the recording of my CD. I’m waiting for confirmation, but this is big. 

many blessings, happy Sunday!

Matt Dorman

“Dorman” to perform at WestCare on November 11th

Dorman will be performing at WestCare’s Women and Children’s Campus on Friday, November 11th!!

This event will also be Matt’s birthday celebration, with cake, and more!

This is a private event, but we are sure our friends and fans will be there in spirit, for the women and children at Westcare’s health, safety, and recovery.